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The beach in Marina di Campo consists entirely of fine grain, white sand of granite origin and is the longest beach on the Island of Elba (1.850 m). Since the water is shallow till quite far out, this makes it a perfect beach for families with children.

Some parts of the beach are public, so they are free, others offer many facilities to be paid for that sports lovers can choose from: diving centers, sailing schools, windsurf schools, boat and pedalo rental, guided kayak excursions.

The oldest, historical part of the town is at the far end of the small harbour, and the long sandy beach comes to an end at a beautiful pine tree grove.

Other beaches near our Residence:
As well as the beach in the actual town of Marina di Campo, here is a list of some of the other beautiful nearby beaches, some more crowded than others: Seccheto - Cavoli - Fetovaia - Fonza - Galenzana.

Thanks to its crystal clear water, its beautiful coarse grain sand and the mild climate that means you can go in for a swim even during the cooler months, Cavoli is one of the most famous beaches on the island of Elba. There is more than one bathing establishment to choose from, so over the years it has become busier and more popular especially among teenagers who come here on holiday, since they look upon it as a sort of meeting place.

Seccheto is a 150 metre long, fine grain sandy beach, easy to get to simply by following a path that starts off from the main road in the town bearing the same name. There are large, smooth rocks on both sides of the beach that are perfect for sunbathing. The sea bed consists of soft sand, and the water is crystal clear. On the left hand side of the beach, only a few metres from the sea, you will find the so called "Piscine" ("Pools"), natural rock formations that over the years have created small, shallow pools, perfect for children to play in.

Fetovaia is strictly a tourist resort, and owes its reputation not only to its golden sands beach, but also to the beautiful, evergreen stretch of land that juts far out into the sea and shelters the crystal clear water.
There is more than one bathing establishment to choose from, and for those who wish, there is also a pedalo rental. The coast on the left hand side consists of smooth, flat rocks that are easy to get to by following a short path, and a small pine grove for those who wish some shade.
This beach, with its crystal clear water, coarse grain, white sands of granite origin, is perfect even in the cooler months, but bear in mind that it is very hot and crowded during the summer months.

You can reach this beach either by following a narrow, dirt road for about 4km that starts off at the "Marina 2000", at the junction for Marina di Campo - Lacona, or by boat.
Due to the fact that the dirt track can be somewhat difficult at some points, this beach is always very quiet, even during peak season. Thanks to the varied and abundant sea flora and fauna, the entire area is very popular among deep sea divers.

This is a truly beautiful and very quiet beach, because like Fonza, access is only by sea or on foot: follow the path for about 1,5 kms that starts off in the centre of Marina di Campo (it takes about 15/20 minutes), or, if you prefer, you can take the no. 39 Cai path that is only 900 metres long, starting from the steps in Piazza Milano, in the historical part of Marina di Campo.
The surrounding area is truly beautiful, and consists of pine and ilex groves and high Mediterranean bush, where man so far has changed very little.